Good design creates an emotional response.

Take a purposefully unconventional approach.

A former Nike designer, Jen has spent more than 20 years creating brand identities and environments for retail, event, restaurants and concept spaces.

Her interiors studio leverages the principles of storytelling and brand to create residential spaces that reflect and connect with the people who live in them.


I believe the ultimate win is to make a space unique to the people that will inhabit it. I’m driven by the concept and rooted in the logistics - the finished product should deliver a balance of those. How can this project make the most impact for your happiness?

I can help with the design process from start to finish - a holistic approach is a great way to make a space complete down to the details, ensuring that elements align (figuratively and quite literally). I can also be helpful in any of those phases in an a la carte fashion. The scope of projects is never the same, there are lots of ways that we can work together to make your space all that you want it to be.


Define your style

Maybe you have things you like, but can’t figure out what goes with it? How can you make them fit the space you live in?

We can get inspired by these things or start fresh. Setting direction helps make your space cohesive. It also gives you a lens to look through for future choices to further personalize over time.


Short term rentals

My background in brand uniquely positions me to create a conceptual experience that will have guests posting 5 star reviews and returning year after year. People want to feel like they are NOT at home, like they are engulfed in the location they are visiting.

These projects need a tight cohesive design that reinforces that narrative, paired with thoughtful elements of discovery and renter friendly ammenties.


Sustainable choices

Working with what you have, integrating salvage and/or making sustainable material choices all move the needle and can be done in a way that brings character and adds value (and often saves money).



Style Definition
Space Planning
Furniture Layout
Contractor Communication
Custom artwork


Paint and/or Wallpaper
Surfaces (walls, counters, flooring)
Finishes and Hardware
Furniture and Textiles
Art and Decor
Final Styling

FSP copy

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