There's a million decisions in renovation.

Save yourself time and  find solutions.

No situation is ever the same, this block of time allows us to focus and ideate against a specific obstacle in your project.

It's best to think of a consult as solving one challenge. There are so many options and working through what is possible will help you make a decision with confidence. I'm up to speed on what is in the market and can save you hours of searching.

Perhaps you have a specific issue with a layout or material pairing?
Maybe you know what what function you need, but how it will look is up in the air?
You've seen things you like - but how they apply to your space isn't clear?

We prepare with a questionaire that gathers insight and information about the space so when we share time I am up to speed. An hour together gives us time to talk through and ideate, and the fee includes time for both my preparation and follow up.


The homeowner was torn between what she loved (global antiques) and what was right for her mid-century house. I served up timeless tile profiles that were appropriate both for her architecture and the era she loves, then shopped her home for items she could move into the room to achieve the eclectic look she loves.

She recieved a mood board with direction following our consult.


We talked through the pros and cons of the materials the homeowner was considering for a kitchen refresh in his rental property. I was able to guide them through the pros and cons of different pairings, as well as suggest some new ideas for acheiving the look he was after.

Notes and links for references discussed during our conversation were shared in a follow-up email.


Their GC was able to get laundry on the second floor, but the homeowners were concerned about how doors would obstruct flow in their narrow 15' row home. We suggested a cased opening with an inset matching door to slide over a shallow built-in on the right (we even squeezed in a hamper). When you ascend the staircase you see the custom styled cabinetry, adding character without sacrificing function.

Notes and a schematic for the GC were shared in a follow-up email.

AFTER-11×17-1 BEFORE-11×17-1

The homeowners wanted to go all black with a modern drenched treatment, but white vinyl replacement windows can feel anemic when surrounded in black. We trimmed the windows in white and used it sparingly elsewhere to make it feel purposeful. We provided references for railings and column pedestals that felt more appropriate to the house. The stained shafts add dimension and connect to the front door and fence.

References for the painter and porch carpenter were shared after.

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