The homeowners loved the original cabinets but the tile counters were showing their age and the space needed a refresh. There's so much you can do to work with original features to make them modern - new fixtures, surfaces and paint made this kitchen feel premium.


The original cabinets got a really good paint job and we removed the uppers on either side of the sink to let more light in and make the room feel more open to the dining space. The shelves and tile reflect the light and make the space feel contemporary. Solid white quartz, steel hardware and a new sink brought the room to today and improved functionality x100.

The kitchen was a mid-century time-capsule but needed repair and this young family wanted something more modern. We embraced the charming original chrome vents and spice cabinetry and worked with the floor to keep it feeling rooted in the 50's. We stayed true to the boldness with the blue color and brought in a butcher block surface for an avid baker.

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This is a great example of successfully embracing what was designed and built for the home. The custom wood built-in cabinetry was so much better than what the clients could buy new, and a fresh coat of paint and new hardware made them the stars of the show.

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